Best Career Courses after 12th

In every subject stream there is a plethora of options available in today’s world of careers. Regardless of your subject stream you can choose from a wide array of career guidance after 12th.

There are various types of career courses available for the students who pass their 10+2 or Twelth. They are:

Degree Courses- Offered by a University or an institution of higher education, these courses provide you the degree of undergraduate. If you have passed your 10+2 you are eligible to choose a degree course in Arts, Science or Commerce. Generally, its duration is of three years but that can differ in some cases. You get a Bachelor’s degree after completing your graduation. This is the course that lays the strong foundation of your career that you are going to pursue for rest of your life. Courses like-

1. Bachelor in Science (B.Sc.)
2. Bachelor in Commerce (
3. Bachelor in arts (B.A.)
4. Bachelor of business Administration (BBA) etc. fall in this category.

There are different types of career courses to choose after 12th.

Diploma- The diploma courses after 12th certify the completion of a specific course. Their duration is shorter than degree courses mostly 2 years or a year. In most of the cases and they are considered of lesser value than a degree course.

Vocational Courses- These courses are provided to brush up your skills and knowledge for a specific occupation. These courses can be related to communication skills, trade specific skills etc. The computer courses after 12 can also fall in this category. These courses make you ready for specific job of your choice after 12th. Examples of such courses are customer service, hospitality, retail, manufacturing etc.

Correspondence Courses- Also known as distance learning courses, these types of courses are suitable if you do not have time to attend the regular classes because of your job or any other limitation. You can choose degree courses to pursue through correspondence.

Online Courses- Similar to correspondence course, the online courses don’t require regular classes to attend. The classes are taken in a virtual classroom through internet or students are provided with simulations to work upon. These types of courses have started gaining popularity now. Courses like digital marketing and IT service management are provided online to the students.

Now that you have got a fair idea about the kind of courses after 12th, let us give you an even broader outlook about it. Let us start with the career courses after Twelve in the various streams of education in India.

Courses after 12th in Science (PCM)- If you had the subjects like Physics, chemistry and Mathematics in 10+2 then there are many popular career courses for you that come under this category. They are-

1. B.Tech in any stream of Engineering like civil engineering, chemical engineering etc.
2. Bachelor in Science (B.Sc)
3. Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A)
4. Bachelor in Architecture(B.Arch)
5. Commercial Pilot
6. Defense Services
7. Merchant Navy

Courses after 12th in Science (PCB)- For students amongst you who have passed 12th with the subjects like physics, chemistry and Biology, the scope is vast. The courses that falls in this category are-

1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S)
2. Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S)
3. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)
4. Defense Services
5. Biotechnology
6. Physiotherapy
7. Pharmacy

Courses after 12th in Commerce- If you have passed 12th with commerce stream, you can avail the various rewarding career courses like-

1. Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com)
2. Chartered Accountancy (C.A)
3. Company Secretary (CS)
4. Actuarial Sciences
5. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
6. Bachelor in Computer Application
7. Law

Courses after 12th in Arts- Arts/ Humanities also has different courses associated with it that can be most rewarding. They are:

1. Bachelor of Arts (BA)
2. Journalism and Mass Communication
3. Bachelor in Hotel Management
4. Bachelor in Economics
5. Bachelor in Fashion Designing
6. Animation
7. Fashion Designing

There are after 12th courses that you can choose to pursue further, from any stream after 12th. They are:
1. 5 Years Integrated LLB
2. BA in Journalism and Mass Communication
3. Bachelor in Hotel Management
4. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism
5. Bachelor in Advertising

Along with the courses mentioned here there are several essential things that you need to consider to make the best career decision. Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Course after 12th.

Entrance Exam- To get admission in a course you are required to give an entrance exam after 12th that makes you eligible to pursue it further. These exams are subject -specific. For example, to pursue a course of chartered accountant you need to first clear CPT that is Common Proficiency Test. It is the benchmark requirement that you need to fulfil. Thus, before deciding a career option after 12th, you need to gather the information about the entrance exams you need to clear. A clear understanding about it can be obtained from the book what to do after 12th written by Harsh Malik.

Eligibility- Other than the exams there are other eligibility criteria that are required by different universities and institutions. These can be related to the percentage acquired by you in 10+2, personality attributes like age, gender, height which are required for defence services etc. You should definitely know whether you are eligible or not for the preferred entrance exam.

Fee structure and number of seats- The Fee is the next major consideration before choosing best course after 12th. Before making a career choice you should also be aware about the various expenses attached to it. The course fee and application fee are the major consideration. Getting prepared financially will keep you ready to take the dive. The number of seats also differs from college to college. This can also help you in deciding the course.

Course Duration- Next to the expenses comes the duration of the course. Now this is a tricky one. There are many of you who would prefer to choose a short term job oriented course to start working and most of you would want a complete 3 year or a five year degree course to make a strong foundation. Good news is that all sort of courses are available in both the categories. There are numerous diploma courses that can make you job ready in a year, also there are career options after 12th that can fetch your preferred degree after 3 years of completion. This factor will help you to narrow down your list of after 12th courses.

Application process- Different Course has different application process. For example, for the course of Chartered Accountant is one of the professional courses after 12 in which you need to first clear the Common Proficiency Test (CPT) that requires you to register yourself online. That should be done 60 days prior of first day of the exam. This online CPT registration is done through Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (ICAI). To become aware of such crucial details you need to have a reliable source of information.

Which college university to choose- Next point that you should consider is the college or university that you will get the degree from. There are mainly 4 types of Universities in India:

1. Central Government Universities
2. State government University
3. Private Universities
4. Deemed Universities

To choose the best career course after 10+2 you need to choose the best university after 12th too because that will enhance the credibility of the degree you get after the completion.

Scholarship- The application process, entrance exams and university are the topics that you can acquire information about. However, there are certain other important aspects that most of you overlook, which can actually be really beneficial in your search of the best after 12th courses. One such topic is scholarship after 12th.

Scholarships are unfortunately the least explored area of career building. Despite of so many organisations providing funds for studies, there are quite a few students who actually reap its benefits. This happens just because of the lack of awareness about it. Books like ‘what to do after 12th?’ can give you the detailed information on such topics.

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