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Robotics, one of the highly buzzword especially in tech world. How will it impact career opportunity in coming days as every one is ?

We are living in an era of capitalisation, we are riding on the digital wave,and undoubtedly, robotic automation is a significant part of this digital wave. Where machines are replacing every manual work, that day is not far when there will be the use of robotics all over for work that’s repetitive and bulky.

The biggest question is -Will it be a good change?

Yes, why not! We will have the skilful resources available for the work that is non-repetitive but unique. In addition to that, we will require a whole set of the workforce in the building, training and maintenance of these robots. So, I will not second guess my statement while saying that the scope of career in robotics in the coming decades is very high. To substantiate my statement, the following are some latest examples of the robotic invention:

  • Care OS Smart Mirror
  • Boston Dynamics SpotMini
  • Robomart
  • Sophia

The next part to focus on is how to make a career in robotics? You will think that “ do I need to be a computer engineer for that?” or “ Shall I pursue my career in mechanical engineering?”

Or someone will say “the field of robotics requires a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer programming/computer science skills”.And after this, you will be surely planning to drop your idea of being in this line of robotic automation.

But wait, let me clarify on the above statements:

There are many sub fields in the field of robotic automation. To state a few:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Microprocessor Programming
  • Computer Science
  • Networking
  • Localisation Algorithms
  • Artificial Vision Algorithms, Object Recognition
  • Control Theory
  • Machine Learning and Behavioural Robotics
  • Social Robotics
  • Data Collector

Based on the skill set you can be a :

  • Robotics Engineer
  • Robotics Technician
  • Robotics Trainer

Let’s have a bit of detailed analysis. To build a robot for a specific task, what’s needed: Data collection. You need to know for what purpose the robot is required and what will be tasks expected from a robot. All this data is necessary. Then comes the role of all the engineers who will be working with electronic circuits, sensors, actuators, materials and using their coding skills, languages likeC, C++, algorithms, machine learning etc. Once it’s done, and we have a robot ready to get deployed, we will test its performance.  And if it clears all the test cases, we will release our robot into the market for use.

So, in the building of a robot, we need a training department, a testing team, a whole bunch of engineers who will look after the software and the hardware part. And after the deployment, one team will come into existence that’s the maintenance team.And all these teams, departments and engineers will fetch a high amount of salaries.

There are many options in a particular stream of robotics. If you are interested and willing to pursue a career in robotics, go in depth to know precisely in which domain you are interested. And accordingly, plan your studies. Robotics is undoubtedly an upcoming trend in business as well as in education.

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